New DNA Report: Bigfoot Is Part Human!

A new DNA report claims Bigfoot is partly human based on the findings of Texas vegetarian Melba S. Ketchum. The doctor, who has helped set up the company DNA Diagnostics, performed genetic tests on Bigfoot samples and discovered that it is a human relative that lived 15,000 years ago, the Associated Press reports.

Scientist Melba S. Ketchum has reasons to believe that Bigfoot is one of the oldest relatives humans have. According to her, the genome sequencing of the modern Homo sapiens is similar to that of the famous beast. While Ketchum is very certain of her declarations, the scientific community thinks the doctor has failed to provide sufficient arguments to prove the validity of her hypothesis.

Ketchum has stated that the study of the samples extended over a period of five years. She further explained that three “whole nuclear genomes” have been obtained from the samples and compared with those of the modern Homo sapiens. She concluded that Bigfoot is a hybrid species resulting from the cross breeding of an unknown hominin species and a female representative of the Homo sapiens.

The scientific community described the theory as ‘fascinating’, but there are too many missing pieces of the puzzle for them to accept Ketchum’s discovery. First of all, scientists need consistent proof in order to agree with the theory, whereas the doctor refuses to let anyone see her evidence. Second of all, Ketchum did not provide a convincing explanation for the manner in which she obtained Bigfoot’s DNA samples. There have been many similar declarations in the past from people who claimed that they owned Bigfoot’s hair, blood and even his dead body, but all of them were false. As a result, the scientific community finds it hard to believe that Ketchum has indeed discovered the origin of Bigfoot.

Even if Ketchum’s claims were real, it is very unlikely that a half human species could have lived on the territory of North America without being discovered. Scientists are more inclined to think that the DNA samples that were allegedly taken from Bigfoot have been contaminated with human DNA through sneezing or coughing.   

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