New Book Reveals Apple’s Future Products can’t get back the Company’s Glory

After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has been under complex changes. A new book was released now to investigate the company’s evolution following the death of the famous co-founder of Apple. 

However, the new book indicates that despite Apple’s struggle, the company will not be able to restore the former glory of Apple, no matter what type of products they are going to release next. The new book, Haunted Empire: Apple after Steve Jobs, by Yukari Kane, reveals that the Apple TV will not be able to help too much the company. 

In fact, the Apple TV is one of the most rumored products at the moment. The device is believed to be a great success, as well as a great investment for Apple. What the new book is trying to share is the fact that Apple will not be able to be so innovative as it has been in the past and this means that the company will not be able to release so many successful projects to increase its popularity in a spectacular way. 

The book also goes further to compare Steve Jobs with Tim Cook. However, the current Apple boss said that this book is a nonsense, so the project did no receive much appreciation. Cook claimed that the book is not able to capture all the important details regarding the company, the role of Steve Jobs or his own role. 

Still, the company has always claimed that Apple is a new firm now and since Jobs is gone, they can only focus on evolving in this new direction they have chosen. Apple is in a new stage of life, it has been claimed. When the CEO of a company changes, that company goes through a series of changes, as well. So, it is normal for Apple to reinvent itself following Jobs’ death. 

It is yet to see what will happen with Apple and if the company will finally be able to reach its former glory. Apple remains popular, as its clients are always committed to its products and services. The author of the new book, Yukari I. Kane, is the former reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Timothy Cook was named Apple CEO after the death of Steve Jobs, in 2011.

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