New App Stops Texting while Driving

A new app aims to increase the safety of all drivers. This app will actually function in an interesting way: it stops your mobile phone from distracting you. So, the app makes it impossible to text while driving. 

The new AT&T DriveMode app was launched for the iPhone. The app is able to detect speeds of about 25 km per hour. Whenever the driver receives a message, the app automatically responds to that SMS by telling the sender that the person he was willing to contact is driving. Moreover, the app can turn out being an interesting choice for users who want to make sure that their children are driving safely. 

So, if the app is turned off by the young drivers, it actually sends a message to their parents, letting them know what happened. The app also has the ability to turn off when the phone stops moving. This means that as soon as you stop driving, you can answer your messages as you want. 

“We compulsively check our phones because every time we get an update through text, email, or social media, we experience an elevation of dopamine, which is a neurochemical in the brain that makes us feel happy,” David Greenfield, from the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction claimed. He also added that the app also managed to reduce the need of the user to constantly check out his phone while driving. 

A new survey revealed that about three in four people commonly use their phone while being behind the wheel. Naturally, checking the phone every time it gets an update on social media or email might actually be even seen as a form of addiction. About 90 percent of the drivers interviewed claimed that they know exactly how dangerous texting and driving can be. 

The AT&T DriveMode app is currently available on the App Store. This actually is the first free no texting while driving app. It surely is very interesting and maybe it will be able to determine more people to abandon the bad habit of texting while driving.

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