New App Allows Sharing Of Mobile Internet Access

Based on a recent report published by Reuters, a new application gives smartphone users the possibility to share the mobile Internet access for free. Open Garden is a mesh network which enables people who use it to pass the Internet connection to other smartphone owners.

Smartphones are basically useless without an Internet connection. Developers understand customers’ needs, so they created a new app called Open Garden in order to give people the possibility to access the Internet without paying for it.

Micha Benoliel, co-founder and CEO of the San Francisco-based company Open Garden explained how developers got the idea of creating the new application. Given that smartphones function as a computer and a router, they decided to connect all these elements in order to facilitate the access to the Internet.

A device that is included in the mesh network can offer Internet connection to another device that is set in its proximity, according to Benoliel. The program was designed to help travelers who want to avoid big charges when they access the Internet in local bars and restaurants with Wi-Fi. The app may also link to laptops in case there is no direct Internet connection in the network. If a user leaves the computer or the smartphone, Open Garden searches for the best connection in order to provide Internet access to people in the mesh.

The company reassured that all smartphone owners will be able to use the application. Open Garden is available for Android devices, Windows and Mac, based on the description provided by developers. All people who are in the proximity of Open Garden users must install the application in order for it to function as a mesh network.

The program will be improved in the future. Benoliel already plans to adopt new features that enable users to customize their Internet connection. Thanks to these improvements, Open Garden users will be able to establish how much data they want to share to the application. Moreover, the future options may allow users to connect to social networks and choose their preferred network sharers.

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