New Ad Showcases Google Glass Tech Specs

Last week, we talked about Apple’s futuristic iWatch device. This time it is Google that has captured our attention with their long-announced Sci-Fi glasses. Various online advertisements and clips have been released on the Internet last year, but the technical specs of the gadget have only been released now with the new video from Google.

Since glasses have become a constant presence among teenagers, Google is determined to use this item in their favor. The IT company is about to launch a futuristic model of glasses that will perform more or less the same functions as a smartphone. At first, everyone thought the announcement was a joke, but as it turns out, Google’s plans are about to come true.

The Internet company released a new video presenting the tech specs of the glasses. The first ad that was published on the Internet did not reveal too many details about the product, but the new commercial shows that the device may be used to write texts, make phone conversations and film videos on the go. Thus, the glasses seem like the long-sought solution for people who get involved in activities where they can’t use their hands to shoot pics and talk to their friends.

The video is shot entirely through the eyes of the users, so Google fans can get a clear picture of what wearing these glasses really feels like. Based on the provided images, the information that the user is interested in is displayed in the upper right side corner of the glasses, so they won’t have a problem concentrating on the real life images in front of them. Moreover, the smart glasses are controlled through a voice command system, so it will be very easy to determine the device to act according to your wishes.

The concept that Google is trying to present is the fact that its glasses are perfect for active people who need different types of information, such as, getting around through traffic or finding the most appropriate phrases in a foreign language. While numerous clips and spoofs have been created in relation to Google’s glasses, the release date hasn’t been communicated yet. Analysts, however, expect the product to be presented during Google’s I/O event in May 2013.

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