New 2013 Trend: Fake Braces

The New Year has just begun and new trends have started to make their presence felt. Strange as it may seem, one of the most worn accessory of 2013 will be, according to the Associated Press, the fake braces. Read the full article to find out more about this trend.

Braces have become a fashion trend in Southeast Asia where children, teenagers and adults alike sport these mouth accessories as often as they can. Asian people no longer consider braces a medical device, but rather an alluring status symbol considering that dental care is very expensive in this region. An average family pays over $1,200 in Bangkok to get a pair or real braces, which is why many more Asians adorn their mouths with dental appliances to prove they are wealthy.

The fake braces trend was also fueled by the recent geek fashion that has started to make its presence felt on the international catwalks. It goes hand in hand with the thick rimmed glasses and the back-to-school clothes that are very popular at present. Moreover, famous pop stars like Katy Perry have proven that braces can be popular by wearing them in their most recent videos.

Fake braces are usually applied in beauty salons, but there are cheaper variants as well for those who cannot afford the first option. Teenagers, for instance, can purchase their fake braces on the Internet and learn how to apply them through do-it-yourself tutorials. Teenagers can choose all the models and colors they want as the market has a wide variety of dental appliances.

Cool as they may seem, metal mouths can be dangerous, especially when the job is accomplished by amateurs. Doctors warn teenagers that wearing fake braces can cause severe health problems. These appliances are usually made out of cheap materials and they can cause multiple sores on the gums and in the mouth. Thailand has already banned the use of fake braces after a 17-year-old girl contracted a thyroid infection and lost her life.


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