Netatmo Welcome recognizes your face

These days, the security camera market is starting to be more crowded than ever. Most people are saying that the line between privacy and security can certainly be a thin one.

The new Netatmo Welcome has promised that they are trying to keep both intact by releasing a cam that in a short matter of time is getting to know all the family members.

This means that Netatmo Welcome lets all the family member go on their own business, while watching for signs of strangers. Available at the price of 200 dollars, this camera has a built-in face recognition, keeping track of who is seen and alert only if it sees a stranger.

The new Netatmo Welcome also comes with a bunch of interesting features. The company offers to its uses an 8GB SD card in the package, where all the data is stored for free. Users can also watch a live stream in full HD, while the camera can sense motion anywhere in its 130 degree field of view. The most interesting thing is that Netatmo Welcome can even sense motion at night via its infrared night vision. 

Unfortunately, this camera costs 200 dollars, which is a little expensive having under consideration the fact that at this price range there are some other good options. Netatmo Welcome must compete with some of the best cameras in terms of connected cams. Piper and Nest Cam are two of the best cameras on the market and Netatmo Welcome doesn’t quite stack up in terms of breadth of features, responsiveness, or other options to connect the camera to a larger smart home. This doesn’t mean that Netatmo Welcome is a bad camera, considering the fact that it comes with facial recognition, meaning that it is a unique camera on the market.

Netatmo Welcome comes with an almost similar design that users have met at Netatmo Urban Weather Station. This camera features a tall thin cylinder with a decent color called Champagne Gold. Netatmo Welcome can be bought from online retailers, like Home Depot, Amazon, Netatmo Website and Best Buy. To be mentioned that this camera is also available in the UK from

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