Nesquik Chocolate Powder Contaminated With Salmonella

Chicago Tribune informs that Nestle has recalled a large amount of Nesquik chocolate powder after one of its ingredients was said to be contaminated with salmonella. The canisters of products that have been recalled were produced in October and sold in various states across the country.

Consumers who like to drink Nestle’s Nesquik have to pay attention to the products they buy as the Glendale-based company issued a warning related to its sweet powder. The canisters of chocolate and milk powder that were commercialized in October could be contaminated with salmonella, according to a recent warning issued by health officials.

Concerns began when Omya Inc., the company producing the calcium carbonate included in Nesquik, communicated that some of their batches might have been contaminated with salmonella. As a result, Nestle USA decided that the safest solution would be to recall the most recently produced canisters of powder. The products will no longer be available on the market, but consumers should, nevertheless, double check the Nesquik containers they purchase. According to the company’s spokespersons, containers bearing an expiration date of October 2014 must be avoided.

As far as the company knows, there haven’t been any complaints in relation to Nesquik up until the present moment. Consumers did not report any health problems; however, salmonella is said to cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever, so people experiencing these symptoms should not hesitate to visit the closest hospital. Salmonella could lead to severe health issues and even death; therefore, Nestle reinforced the importance of medical checkups. The company concluded the messages by apologizing for any inconveniences they might have caused.

Many other products from various companies have been recalled since the beginning of the year on accounts of salmonella contamination. Trader Joe’s recalled their peanut butter products at the beginning of the fall after an investigation linked them to dozens of salmonella cases in the country.

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