Neptune Duo, a wristband that can replace a phone

Looks like the inevitable has happened. In the last couple of years, smartwatches exploded on the market with their numerous releases and interesting features. Some of these watches can also replace smartphones. Why pair with a phone if you can replace it? The idea of having a phone on the wrist seems to be interesting. The company that came up with this new idea is Neptune. 

Last year this company launched a massive smartwatch phone that was called Neptune Pine. Now it is back and presents their latest device, called Neptune Duo. This device is a little different than any other smartwatch. Neptune Duo is made up of two familiar looking devices. The first device is Neptune Hub, a wristband that houses all of the technology that every smartphone has and the second device is named Neptune Pocket. This device is 5-inch screen that has the role of a wireless dummy display for the Hub. 

The Hub has a pretty good looking design. It has a curved non-flexible display that covers most of the watch’s surface area. This design is familiar with the Will.I.Am’s Puls Smartband. The hub features a quad-core processor, 64GB storage, GSM and LTE antennas, 3G, Wi-Fi, a speaker and microphone, GSP, NFD and Bluetooth 4.0. Neptune promised that this device will recognize scribbled handwriting written with a finger on the display. Hub also pairs with so called “Pocket Screen”, which is not a phone or a smart device at all. This device is a large 5-inch display with a battery that pairs with the watch and can remotely run apps.

Why did Neptune opt for this method? Because all-in-one smartwatches are too cramped to run regular apps. The “Pocket Screen” which has a 5-inch and 1,280×720-pixel allow users to tap out emails, read news, watch videos or play games. It also comes with a microphone, a speaker, a 2-megapixel front and 8-megapixel rear camera among a LED flash. The Hub has a 1,000 mAh battery wrapped inside its band, while Neptune Pocket has a 2,800 mAh battery, which can also be used to recharge the wristband.

Neptune Duo is an interesting concept, but one thing is sure: Smaller gadgets need to find a way to stream info up to larger displays. Neptune Duo will be soon on the market, at the cost of 798 dollars.

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