Nelly Arrested For Guns And Drugs Found On His Tour Bus

Nelly and his band of rappers were arrested on Wednesday because the patrols at the Texas border found guns and drugs in their tour bus. Brian Keith Jones took responsibility of the illegal items that were found in the bus, so Nelly and his colleagues were released from prison, according to the Los Angeles Times.

It seems that every year there is a celebrity that is caught red-handed at the checkpoint near I-10 in Texas. This time it was Nelly who was detained by the police because the patrol found guns, heroin and 10 pounds of marijuana in his tour bus. The rapper and six other people were taken to the nearest police station, but they were released later on after the real culprit was discovered.

According to Boarder Police reports, one of the guys on the tour bus, Brian Keith Jones told police officers that the loaded gun, the packets of marijuana and heroin belonged to him and not to the rapper. As a result, Jones was arrested, whereas Nelly and the rest of his band members were released.

Brian Keith Jones accompanied Nelly on the bus as his personal bodyguard. The artist took to Twitter to notify his fans and followers about the problems he encountered at the Sierra Blanca border in Texas. Nelly wrote on Wednesday that he was very disappointed to see one of his staff members jeopardizing the safety of the entire band by bringing illegal substances on board of the tour bus. He further stated that neither him, nor the rest of the band members were aware that there were drugs on the bus. Nelly concluded by saying that law enforcement officials did not press charges against anyone other than Jones.

The “Country Grammar” interpreter was downright outraged by his bodyguard’s behavior, especially since the latter had worked for him for almost 10 years. Despite this, Nelly felt sorry for Brian Keith’s family and kids who will probably suffer the most because their husband and father was arrested for drug possession.

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