Neil Diamond Married His Manager

You know what they say: third time’s the charm. At 71 years old Neil Diamond got married the third time, this time with his manager Katie McNeil. But superstitions work only for those who believe in them, right?

Perhaps for some of the most active Neil Diamond fans, the headline that the singer wedded for the third time isn’t exactly breaking news. Back in September 2011, the 71 year old singer announced he got engaged with his manager Katie McNeil on Twitter. But, truth be told, many other celeb relationships ended before actually tying the knot.

Not many men at 71 years and with a track record of another two failed marriage would be that eager to tie the knot once again. And for that matter, not many businessmen would mix business and pleasure, but as Neil Diamond said himself, he is “lovestruck”.

According to reports, Neil Diamond wedded his manager Katie McNeil, age 42, this Saturday in Los Angeles. The wedding ceremony was private and only family and close friends got to share the joyful moment.

When Neil Diamond was announcing his engagement, the fans got the news on Twitter. He then wrote: “Good news coming from sunny LA/ and you’re the first I want to tell/ Katie & I just got engaged/ and I hope you wish us well”. Just like a teenager struck by love, Neil even posted a photo of Katie McNeil on Twitter, accompanied by the following words: “I’m lovestruck”.

According to sources close to the couple, both Neil and Katie were ecstatic about the wedding. A source told Daily Mail that Katie has “been bubbling about the wedding for weeks now. It will be a classy affair with close friends and family”.

The love story began in 2009, when Neil Diamond and Katie McNeil met during the shootings for a documentary inspired by the singer’s life. Back then, Katie McNeil was the executive producer of the documentary called “Neil Diamond: Hot August Night NYC”.

One thing is for sure, Neil Diamond is a brave man. His last two marriages really burned him. The divorce from Marcia Murphey charged Neil Diamond an arm and a leg and the £93.1million settlement ranks as Hollywood’s largest.

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