Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay Got Married and are Set to Welcome a Baby

Crystal Renay and Ne-Yo are without a doubt a really happy couple. The beautiful pair has recently got married and it seems that they are also set to welcome a child. The pair has shared both news on Instagram. 

So, Ne-Yo and Crysal Renay managed to shock their fans when they revealed their secret wedding through an Instagram post. The couple shared some romantic photos showing them both in white outfits, with some revealing messages. “Happiness. Go get you some. Shouts to @j3collection for the flick and the lovely @mscrystalrenay of course for making it look so good. (She’s the sexy in this couple I just try to keep up) #ClassicCouple #AT #HO #TheSmiths #BeHappyForMyHappyOrJustBeQuiet” Ne-Yo’s message said. 

Crystal also shared a photo with her husband, on Intagram with the caption “Rest your soul chocolate, I’m watching over your heart now.” However, the wedding news may not be all that Crystal and Ne-Yo had to share. The famous pair shared another pic showing Crystal rubbing her baby bump. 

The pair seems to be really happy to share the news with their fans. Ne-Yo and Crystal first started to date last year. In fact, they were first linked at the beginning of 2014. The pair started to date only a few months after the singer separated from Monyetta Shaw.

This is the first child for the happy pair and also the first baby for Crystal. However, Ne-Yo is already a dad. The famous singer has two children from his relationship with Monyetta, son Mason and daughter Madilyn. Actually, the relationship with Monyetta managed to cause a controversy, as she claimed that she agreed to be sterilized at his request. Ne-Yo has apologized for this situation and claimed that he was a changed man. 

Without a doubt, Ne-Yo just wants to be happy and has managed to move on with Crystal. Well, congratulations are in order for this beautiful, happy pair. The pair has revealed nothing else about their upcoming child, so the gender of the baby and when Crystal will be due are yet to be discovered. 

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