NBC Apologizes For Olympic Spoiler

The Inqusitr reports that NBC has issued an apology after airing an Olympic spoiler during one of their commercials for the TODAY show. The Olympic Games could not be transmitted live from London, so viewers were upset when NBC accidentally revealed the results of one of the competitions.

The time zone difference between London and the United States of America makes it impossible for American sport lovers to watch the competitions at they take place. The registered games are broadcasted a few hours later, so television networks have to be careful not to publish spoiler news.

NBC did a similar mistake on Wednesday when they inserted a promotional ad for the TODAY show before Missy Franklin’s 100-meter performance at the Olympics. The picture they used portrayed the professional swimmer with the golden medal. The message “When you’re 17 years old and win your first gold medal, there’s nobody you’d rather share it with” made people understand that Franklin was the winner of the competition. Even so, this was not the way they would have liked to find out the results of the race.

Viewers were very disappointed to hear that the London Olympics will not be transmitted live and complained about it since the beginning of the games. Their irritation grew even bigger when NBC ruined their surprise by revealing photos of Franklin as a winner of the golden medal before they had the chance to watch the 100-meter race.

The company was quick to respond to its viewers’ complaints. They issued a statement saying that the promo was accidentally broadcast at that time of the day. They agreed that they should have been more careful and reassured viewers that they will do their best to prevent such episodes from taking place in the future. Despite this, NBC’s ratings for the Olympics have been very good, so far. On Monday, they registered 31.6 million viewers, the biggest rating percent for a non-U.S. edition of the Summer Games in the past 36 years.

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