NBA Cheerleader Gets Hurt During Magic-Knicks Game

NBA cheerleader Jamie Woode was forced to leave the Amway Arena on a gurney after getting severely hurt during the Magic-Knicks game on Tuesday. The professional dancer lost her balance during one of the stunts landing face-first into the ground, the Inquisitr reports.

Jamie Woode was supposed to enchant the crowd at Amway Arena and provide moral support to players performing during the Orlando Magic-New York Knicks contest on Tuesday. Her plans were shattered by a moment of carelessness during which Woode lost control of her body and fell to the ground.

The cheerleader faltered during one of the stunts she prepared for the show, but she didn’t have time to recover because she was immediately thrown into the air by her male partner. Instead of landing on her two feet, Jamie fell face-first into the ground and remained motionless for several minutes. Her male partner, as well as the rest of the people in the Arena was shocked by the incident.

Paramedics arrived on the basketball court to attend to the hurt cheerleader. The game was interrupted for various minutes until medics were able to lift the injured woman and safely place her on the gurney. They asked her to move her hands and feet so they could determine whether she was paralyzed or not. Luckily, Jamie’s injuries were not as bad everyone thought, but she was definitely in great pains, judging by the looks on her face.

Feeling responsible for the accident, the cheerleader’s male partner was very disturbed throughout the whole medical routine. Insiders report that the man could hardly refrain from bursting into tears when Woode was lifted from the ground. One of the doctors on the court tried to calm him down by reassuring him that the woman will recover soon.

Jamie Woode was taken to the nearest hospital where she received special care. Her condition is now stable, so she will be released in the following days.

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