Nazi-Acquired Statue Comes From Space

Live Science reports that a Nazi-acquired statue that was recently discovered in Europe could come from outer space. Recent analyses performed on samples prove that the statue was carved in a meteorite rock that must have fallen in the region approximately 10,000 years ago.

Researchers have dedicated much of their time to the study of a Buddha statue that was recently discovered in Europe. According to their findings, the representation of the Asian god was carved in a meteorite rock which is believed to have landed on Earth almost 10,000 years ago near the Siberia-Mongolia border.

The statue was named “iron man” by researchers because of the rock it was made in. Although scientists were unable to determine its exact date, they have estimated that the representation of the Buddhist god dates back to the period between the eighth and the tenth century. The carving illustrates a man who resembles Buddha having his legs tucked under his body and holding an unidentified object in his left hand. The god has a swastika sign on his chest, which is why the German Nazis bought the statue and brought it on the European territory. However, researchers claim that the swastika sign was perceived as a symbol of luck at the time when the statue was carved, so it did not have the connotation it acquired during the Nazism.

The iron man was brought to Germany in 1938-1939 by Ernst Schäfer after he had previously accomplished an expedition in Tibet at the orders of the Nazi party to discover the origins of the Aryan race. The statue was later bought by a private owner and kept until it was discovered by scientists.

The first analyses on the statue were performed in 2007 by the Stuttgart University researcher Elmar Bucher. The results showed that the statue was made out of meteorite rock, but new samples were taken from the inside of the bust in 2009. Thus, researchers found out that the carving is made out of a rare type of ataxite meteorites with high levels of nickel.

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