Navy Military Plane Crashes Into Apartments In Virginia Beach

Planes falling from the sky aren’t exactly what residents of an apartment building in Virginia Beach were expecting today. As unexpected as it was, so far, there were no injuries on the ground reported related to the incident. Two buildings caught on fire after a navy military plane crashed into one of them in Virginia Beach.

A two seat F/A – 18D Hornet assigned to the Strike Fighter Squadron 106 at Naval Air Station Oceana, took of today at 12:05 p.m.. As the Navy reported in the statement shortly after takeoff, the military plane hit an apartment building in Virginia Beach which caught on fire.

According to Navy officials the two pilots managed to eject themselves safely in due time. People on ground assisted them on their parachute landing and took them to safety. Apparently the pilots remained in the plane until they were sure it wasn’t going to crash into a nearby school. Navy spokesman Phil Rosi told MSNBC that the military plane came from a training squadron based at Virginia Beach’s Naval Air Station.

So far, sources haven’t reported any injuries within the on ground facilities and authorities say they’ve looked thoroughly. Grazia Moyers is the spokeswoman for the Virginia Beach Police Department. She confirmed the plane crashed several moments before 12:30 p.m. and that officers were sent door to door at the Mayfair Mews Apartments community on Fleming Drive to check if residents are inside their homes.

Several sources confirmed there weren’t any casualties reported yet. Among them were Robert Matthias, the Virginia Beach city manager assistant, and Bruce Nedelka, division chief for the EMS division in Virginia Beach.

Moyers added that the Police Department will work closely with the military and the State Police. Following the accident and the fire at two apartment buildings, the Virginia State Police decided to shut down both directions on Ingterstate 264 at Laskin Road. About two hours later after the plane crash, the Virginia State Police reopened the westbound lane of Interstate 264. The eastbound is still closed at Virginia Beach’s Rosemont Road.

Congressman Scott Rigell reacted promptly with a statement that reads: “our prayers are with our entire Hampton Roads and military communities right now as our first responders are admirably addressing the situation on the ground”.

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