Natural Clear Vision Review – Does it Work?

In 1891 William Horatio Bates, M.D, published a book in which he noted that most eye complications come as a result of habitual straining of the eye tissues. Kevin Richard has developed the concept by coming up with Natural Clear Vision, an alternative eye therapy program that involves exercises and insights on natural eye care which makes eye sight restoration and prevention of various complications possible. The therapy suits people with natural eye defects such as refractive errors and retinal disorders as well as those who may be experiencing age related eye ailments such as macular degeneration or diabetes instigated eye problems.

Overview of the Natural Clear Vision

Natural clear vision elaborately explains 40 exercises that you can undertake to improve your sight and keep eye complications at bay. Using concepts such as the accommodation process, the product’s eye workouts help with optical power maximization.

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This is vital as it boosts your retina’s ability to focus when glazing closely at a magazine or a computer screen. Medically, the Natural Clear Vision’s eye exercises achieve these by keeping your eyes’ ciliary muscle in top shape, enabling them to effectively adjust their curvatures and bolster their cryttalline lenses’ functions.

Other than exercises with guiding illustrations, Natural Clear Vision comes with videos that can help you undertake the exercises anywhere through you laptop or android phone.

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The exercises don’t require fancy or expensive equipments. An example is the “different calendar sizes” workout which requires a small, a medium and a larger calendar. With the larger calendar on the wall, the medium on the table and the smaller one in your hand, you’re required to locate a number on all the calendars by switching your eyes from one to the next without moving your head.

The calendar exercise is an example of the Natural Clear Vision’s eye workouts that gear toward helping you minimize the use of eye glasses and eventually do away with them permanently.

Others exercises are designed to help you keep off eye infections such as pinkeye, medically known as conjunctivitis. Some exercises are tailored to spur quick recovery from surgical eye treatment procedures while others are significant in keeping your eye muscles strong and disease resistant by increasing the number of immunity cells within their tissues.

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