National Geographic Sells Wildlife Collection Of Pictures

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, National Geographic plans to sell its wildlife collection of photos during a special auction held at the beginning of December. Some of the most significant pictures have been introduced in the collection in order to celebrate the magazine’s historical archive and to inspire young artists who want to start a career in photography.

National Geographic Society has had the opportunity of witnessing some of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. Although they share all their material with the help of their TV channel and international magazine, the members of the National Geographic Society deemed it right to offer some of their unique photography to their fans.

The collection encompassing 240 works spanning from the late 1800s to the present, will be auctioned at the beginning of December at Christie’s. Organizers expect to cash in at least $3 million at the end of the event.

There are many valuable pieces that have been introduced in the collection, such as, the image of an Afghan girl during the Soviet invasion and the portrait of Admiral Robert Peary during his 1908 expedition to the North Pole. Staying true to the close study of the nature, the organizers of the special auction have also introduced a picture of a roaring lion in South Africa, as well as the face of a Papua New Guinea aborigine.

Maura Mulvihill, senior vice president of National Geographic’s image and video archives told the press that the event was planned in order to celebrate the legacy of National Geographic. In addition, the society wants to give fans the opportunity to “buy a little part of this great institution’s history”. She further described herself and the rest of the workers at the reputed society as “the unsung fathers of modern photojournalism” due to the large extent of their archive.

The auction is not the only important event that National Geographic is celebrating at the end of the year. The society will also mark its 125th anniversary several weeks after the beginning of the auction. 

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