National Enquirer raises outrage after publishing photo of Whitney Houston in open casket

National Enquirer raised a lot of outrage among Whitney Houston’s fans after the magazine published a photo of the singer in the half-opened casket. The shocking image, which was placed on the cover of the magazine on Wednesday morning, showed the singer’s body lying in the coffin. The photo was taken during a private ceremony at the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, New Jersey, last Friday.

The tabloid went too far this time. Reporters placed a picture of the dead pop star on the cover of the magazine saying that Whitney Houston was buried with jewels and gold slippers that were worth $500,000. In the photo, the late singer appeared to wear a purple dress, a brooch pinned to her chest and sparkling earrings in her ears.

Facebook and Twitter users were very upset when they saw the picture on the Internet. They accused the tabloid of using cheap and shameful methods of getting people to read them. Journalists at the National Enquirer were not the only ones who were attacked by the enraged fans; they also criticized the persons who agreed to sell the picture to the tabloid.

Many stars took to Twitter to express their discontent about Enquirer. Reality TV star, Evelyn Lozada was among the first celebrities to tackle the subject on their Twitter page. She wrote that she is “MADD” at the person who sold the picture to the press. Christiana Mbakwe, a fan living in London, also described the person who sold the pic as a “vile, twisted, evil and unscrupulous sub-human”. Even the famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton declared himself disgusted by the morbid picture.

This is not the first time when National Enquirer shocks its audience with morbid photos. In fact, the tabloid also published a photo of Elvis Presley in his coffin after his funeral in 1977. This time, however, fans think the publication exaggerated because they even hired a model to illustrate the singer’s last minutes of life and to recreate her death scene. The members of the family didn’t make any official comments about these photos.

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