Nathan Bates and Esther Keyes tied the knot on Saturday, October 23

When you’re certain that you are sure! Nathan Bates and Esther Keyes got married on the 23rd of October, 2017 after getting engaged earlier in the year. DailyGossip confirms.

“We have been waiting so eagerly looking forward to the day when we would be ‘Mr. and Mrs. for the remainder of our lives and now it’s becoming a reality!” Bates, 28 and Keyes 23 stated the statement jointly to Fox News. “Today was a dream that came real! We’re sure that the love and dedication to the vows we’ve exchanged along with the excitement and emotions we’ve shared together along with our belief in our Lord will form the foundational element of our marriage, and we believe we’ll remember our vows to each other for the rest of our lives.”

The wedding, which was attended by around 350 people, was presided over by the pastor Dean Miller. The groom was said to have skydived with his groomsmen for his grand entrance to the altar, while the bride arrived in a an elegant carriage pulled by horses.

Their relationship, which made their Instagram official in December of this year and then revealed four months after they were ready to elevate their relationship to the next step.

“We’re engaged!! We’re engaged!” Keyes captioned the announcement on Instagram at the end of May. “Nathan has been so kind to me every day since we started our relationship and I am so grateful to be his fiancée! I’m overwhelmed and am so grateful to God for the opportunity to be with him and for creating a beautiful story for us! We’re so blessed!”

The is the exact month that Keyes along with Bates exclusively shared with Us about their romantic proposal.

“We first visited Welcome Lake in Pennsylvania, and then we went on to Norris Lake in Rocky Top, Tennessee, and ended in Conway Lake in Orlando, Florida. I’ve been waiting and praying for this moment for me to make it the perfect moment to Esther!” the Bringing Up Bates star shared with Us.

The couple shared the details of how Bates proposed with marquee-style letters spelling “marry me” at a family member’s house in Orlando. The night was capped off with a great meal and fireworks to mark the occasion.

The most senior Bates child also admitted that he had lots of assistance to create the perfect moment for Keyes.

“To be honest, I could have never pulled it off without help from my friend Bill Mott in Pennsylvania, my sister [Erin Bates] who decorated the location in Tennessee, my sisters [Alyssa Bates and Carlin Bates] who decorated in Florida, and my friends Dan and Janie Drummond, who allowed us to use their car, boat and house to create a magical evening!” The man said that at the time.

While the couple were both thrilled about their wedding, Keyes admitted that there was no hurry with regards to wedding plans. She added, “I’m trying to just soak in all of the joys of being Nathan’s fiance!” Keyes gushed to Us.

Prior to their special wedding day Keyes posted on social media to express her gratitude for her upcoming husband.

“Wishing a happy birthday to my dearest friend, my hero and my one I love the most!! I love you!” she wrote on Instagram on August. “You are so much more than I could ever imagine and I discover more to be grateful for about you each and every day! I am so thankful that you chose me to be your girlfriend I am so proud to be a part of your life! am so proud of you!”

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Via US Magazine

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