Natalie Wood’s Cause Of Death Changed To Undetermined


For more than thirty years, authorities have been having a hard time trying to solve the mystery of Natalie Wood’s death. Last week, TMZ published a report reading that Natalie Wood’s cause of death has been changed to “undetermined” from “accidental”.

TMZ’s report on Friday caused a lot of debates over the weekend. The news about Los Angeles County Coroner changing Natalie Wood’s cause of death has sparked controversy and prompted authorities to release an official statement regarding the status of the case. According to LA Sheriff’s Department statement, the investigation in the death of Natalie Wood is “open and ongoing”.

An insider with the Los Angeles County Coroner officer told TMZ about the change in Wood’s cause of death. Apparently the LA County Coroner filed some papers late last month looking to make this particular change. The insider also revealed that officers with the Sheriff’s Department told Wood’s family the bruises on her body couldn’t have been caused by drowning.

Natalie Wood died in 1981, at age 43. The actress, her husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken were on board of a yacht November 28. The official story is that Natalie Wood had one glass too many that night and fell in the water and drowned. But the actual circumstances of Natalie Wood’s death continue to puzzle both her family and the authorities.

Following the fuss caused by TMZ’s report, a spokesperson with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department released a statement about the investigation’s current status. “We have received many calls from the news media today asking about the status of the Natalie Wood death investigation case. It remains an open and ongoing investigation” reads the official statement.

A spokesperson with the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office released a similar statement. “The case is currently on security hold at the request of the Sheriff’s Dept. It is an open investigation and we are cooperating fully with the Sheriff’s Department” said the coroner’s office spokesperson.

The investigation of Natalie Wood’s death was reopened last year, soon after the 30th anniversary of her death and coincidentally with a dedicated “48 Hours Mystery” show.




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