NASA Plans Mars Mission In 2030

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, NASA is already making plans for their Mars mission which will take place in 2030. Since eating is the first thing that people need to do in order to survive, scientists are studying the best menu for astronauts.

Exploring the Moon is no longer interesting for astronauts, who have already started to plan their 2030 mission on Mars. Most people think scientists work on improving their technology and training astronauts to survive on the Red Planet, but they are wrong. Apparently, the best thing to start with when you’re leaving on a mission is to pack your meals.

Setting up a menu is easy when you travel on Earth, but those who have experienced the effects of zero gravity know that finding the right food is not only difficult, but also essential when traveling to space. Unlike the Moon, Mars is endowed with a little bit of gravity; as a consequence, astronauts cannot use the same food they normally use when they travel to the Moon. The Red Planet is very far away, so the packed food has to have a shelf life of at least two years because the expedition will last 18 months.

There is another option that scientists are currently considering, namely, to develop new methods for astronauts to crop their own food while sitting on Mars. Thanks to the small gravity, the team could set up their own “Martial greenhouse” where they could produce fresh vegetables and carrots. Thus, the food will be healthier and tastier.

Nevertheless, astronauts could waste too much time taking care of the greenhouse and cooking their own meals instead of studying the planet. Given these circumstances, scientists think it is best to include both prepared and fresh food in the team’s menu, so they can save time. Even so, they will not be able to eat meat because this product does not have a long shelf life. They can’t take a cow on the mission, either, as senior research scientist, Maya Cooper, joked.

Obama’s recent decision to diminish the budget has made scientists’ mission even more difficult. They usually spend $1 million to research and build space menus. 

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  1. It would be amazing to be able to travel to Mars! If i was an astronaut, i would beg to go on that mission. I am a vegan myself and the lack of meat and dairy would not be a problem for me. Obama should not cut the budget from NASA, they do great things and i would be proud to work for them! We need the astronauts to be healthy and alert, so planning for the fuel that astronauts put into their bodies is important. Best of luck and i am hoping for results. Please e-mail me with updates of this mission.

  2. I’m quite enticed with this mission. 14 but I would still wanna go as long as I can bring a friend or two haha. Although carrots, and potatoes sound rather fulfilling, I don’t get where you’ll get the protein needed. As they were saying, the food/drink would need a shelf life of up to two years! I’m quite skeptic about this part but other than that I’m amazed. Email me if anybody would like to discuss this topic.

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