NASA Informs Asteroid 2012 DA14 Will Not Hit Earth In 2013

For a lot of people, known as the doomsayers, Asteroid 2012 DA14 presented the ultimate threat to life as we know it. Ever since researchers first identified it, these voices argued the asteroid will hit the Earth. However, NASA recently decided to end the discussion over the subject, informing that based on their calculations, Asteroid 2012 DA14 will not hit Earth in 2013.

The truth is that the Asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass the Earth a little bit too close. According to NASA scientists, the rock will not crash into our planet, as it will pass it by 12,680 miles or 20,406 km. In space that distance is nothing, even if the asteroid in cause is estimated by astronomers to have about 150 feet across.

Astronomers with the La Sagra Observatory in Spain were the first to discover the rock and named it Asteroid 2012 DA14. As these researchers noticed, the asteroid is moving similarly to our Earth around the sun, a hint that helped them calculate its eventual trajectory. The Near-Earth Object Program Office with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California released yesterday the following update: “Its orbit about the sun can bring it no closer to the Earth’s surface than 3.2 Earth radii on February 15, 2013”.

To emphasize exactly how close this asteroid will pass the Earth, scientists pointed out that it will approach the planet even closer than our geostationary orbit satellites. These satellites orbit our planet at about 22,245 miles or 35,800 km. The asteroid will pass the Earth at a distance of 12,680 miles or 20,406 km.

The day the asteroid will pass by the Earth will be February 15, 2013. While NASA is trying to calm down a possible hysteria such events are bound to remind us we’re at the mercy of the space. Solar flares and asteroids coming Earth’s way are common events, and if recent history doesn’t bare cases of damages caused by them, that doesn’t mean the future won’t bring it.

Take for instance an asteroid called 2011 AG5, which raises concerns among scientists. Discovered last year, researchers still don’t have an exact data regarding its size, but it is considered to be roughly 140 meters across. In other words, it’s the size of a football stadium and will pass the Earth in February 2023.

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  1. How many Satellites will this one take out.

    Do a little History on this one.

    ALL Should Look Up “2012 DA14”.

    This could take out one of more satellites and the junk and debris from the hit could end up taking out many more satellites very soon after that. All the satellite collision probability will go way up if even one is hit. The velocity that the parts would go to would make them missiles that would start targeting a chain reaction this would not be good.

    Most all will be watching this one and pray it goes by us with out a hit. Every Scientist alive will be watching this event. Many will be in Florida for a very special viewing of the once in a Lifetime Event. Professors, Scientist, World Leaders, Ham Radio Operators and Every Astronomer will have its eyes on This Event, along with almost every TV set on Earth.

    “2012 DA14” goes by Earth twice a year and there is no way anyone for sure can tell how close the second pass will be till it passes by the Moon and Earth and the GRAVITATIONAL FORCE effect that it will have on this Asteroid. They may come close but this one is already coming very close to begin with. Too close this time or on its second or 3rd pass?

    Read your Bible
    While you still can.
    John 14 : 6
    Luke 13 : 27
    Matthew 7 : 20 – 27

    The Lord’s Little Helper.
    Paul Felix Schott.

  2. People does say that the world is going to end/a asteroid is going to hit earth well this is chat shit no one knows and no one will know because the god you believe in is the god that will destroy the world as well as that the world is going to end is still classified.

  3. Arsalan those that believe this might not be to far from the truth anyway I have read my bible and a forth of the world is caught up in fire ( which an Astroid would very be capable of) and ummm by the way God controls those too, “)

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