Nadya Suleman, famous mother of 14, joins Celebridate

According to Us Magazine, “Octomom” Nadya Suleman is thought to be a celebrity by the HDNET, that asked her to be on the celebrity dating show called Celebridate.

If you haven’t heard by now – even though there are small chances you haven’t – Nadya Suleman is the notorious mother of 14 children. Before 2008 she had only six – the majority of moms wouldn’t consider adding “only” in front of “six” kids as proper. But one year later, in 2009, she became pregnant with octuplets. And she gave birth to them all and they are all healthy and good. Her case has been characterized by the majority of the people hearing about it as controversial. The doctor who performed the fertilization was highly criticized. At the beginning of June the California State Medical Board decided that Dr. Michael Kamrava “did not exercise sound judgment” when implanting 12 embryos inside the now Octomom. His license is to be revoked July 1.

When talking about the dating show with Pop Eater, Nadya Suleman says that I was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of it. I have not watched TV in almost a decade, but I might just tune into this one!” Suleman doesn’t see herself as a celebrity “but I guess they do. To a certain degree, I am in the public eye.”

Nadya Suleman, who is now 35 years old, says has never experienced dating hen younger. “I’ve never dated. This is actually the first time I have dated in my life”.
 She says that apart from one boyfriend in her teenage years, she didn’t have the chance to live this experience to the fullest, but confesses she had a beautiful romantic experience. “I’ve had one boyfriend, and it was very fascinating to me; it was an unforgettable experience.
About the show, she is a bit worried on how things are going to happen.” I am painfully shy and anxious. That’s just my personality. So it’s difficult for me to interact and to have eye contact.”

Celebridate will air starting October 2011 and will be hosted by Roger Lodge.

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