Mya claims Jay-Z Affair Rumors are False

Mya decided to talk about the recent rumors on the possible relationship problems of Beyonce and Jay Z. Famous singer Mya has actually said that the rumors are false and the couple is actually not revealing anything to dismiss these speculations, for the publicity stint. 

Mya naturally denied all allegations that she was having an affair with Jay-Z. It has been rumored that Mya has been seeing Jay-Z, behind his wife’s back. Well, now Mya claimed that nothing is true and she and the famous rapper have nothing to do with each other. The rumors first occurred as an article from MediaTakeOut.com indicated that Mya and Jay-Z have actually been seeing each other for no less than a decade. Mya’s name was not mentioned in this article, but the star decided to talk about it. 

A series of rumors have occurred on Beyonce and Jay-Z’s intention to separate. Actually, it has been said that the two are now seeking counseling for the problems in their relationship. Apparently, the couple is seeing the same person who helped Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin make things work. It has been claimed that Gwyneth was actually the one who introduced the counselor to the famous couple. 

If Beyonce and Jay-Z really have problems in their relationship or not is something yet to be discovered. On stage the two seem to be a perfect couple. In fact, for their new tour, the famous couple has actually chosen to reveal some unseen photos from their wedding. It seems that the two wanted to share this beautiful moment with fans. 

In the past few weeks, a series of rumors have indicated that Beyonce and Jay-Z plan on separating, as the rapper has cheated on his wife. While there are no revelations from the two or their reps, rumors continue to increase. Some claim that the two remain together just for the sake of their tour, as the pressure is huge. Others say that the two are perfect together, while rumors are 100 percent untrue. So, they claim that there are no clarifications at this point, as the two enjoy the publicity.

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