Must-Have Retro Accessories for iPhone 5

There was a time when digital was a dream that felt so far away. The cassette player and the crayon used to rewind it, the landline phone, you know, the rotary phone and VHS tapes are something a lot of today’s high tech users haven’t experienced. For everybody else, retro remains an inspiration and the first cassette ever bought is something they’ll always remember. iPhone 5 accessory makers got that vibe and have released quite a number of retro-inspired products. Here a few of the must-haved.

Griffin DirectDeck HandsFree Cassette Adapter for iPhone

There are many car accessories for iPhone that help make things leaner during your driving, not to mention save you costly speed tickets and potential accidents. The Griffin DirectDeck HandsFree Cassette Adapter is not all that useful since there are easier ways to listen to music and make and receive calls using your iPhone in the car. The accessory is popped in the tape player and connects to your smartphone via an inline mic, which you can use to make and receive calls while you’re driving. It costs $24.95 and it’s as retro as it gets.

Cushi iPhone 5 Pad Cassette

Here’s another cassette themed accessory for iPhone 5, this time it’s a protective case. Made from soft foam, the Cushi iPhone 5 skin looks really nice and there’s at least one design you’re going to love. The surface is 3D so it makes the cassette look (and feel) all the more authentic, it is shock absorbent and makes it a lot easier to hold your iPhone 5. For $14.95 you get the 3D Pad skin, front clear screen protective film, 6 home button protectors, installation squeegee and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Native Union Clear Pop Phone Handset

I know, this is not just retro but also as hipsteresque as it gets. But it’s definitely a great gift idea for that hipster friend of yours and a great prop for costume parties, where iPhone 5 is decades away. It uses a 3.5mm jack and will remove about 99% of phone radiation. But $48 kind of feels like a hefty price.

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