Must Have: Inverted French Braid Top Knot

French braids have been around since last year because they are very versatile. After the side braid look and the crown French braid comes a new season must-have: the inverted French braid top knot. This hairstyle is expected to make a hit because it combines two of the most requested styles at present: the braid and the top knot.

There is one small inconvenience when creating this hairstyle, that is, the inverted French braid top knot has to be created while having your head upside down. This could be difficult at the beginning, but with a little bit of practice, you will eventually get the hang of it.

The best way to achieve this hair style is with second day hair because it is a lot easier to manage. Also, make sure you brush it thoroughly, especially if it is very long, because this step will enable you to prevent any tangles.

Relying on your tactile sense is the key to achieving this hairstyle because you won’t be able to see almost anything while you braid. Tilt your head forward and get a small section of hair from the nape and divide it into three equal parts. Take the right subsection of hair and place it over the middle one switching places between them. Then, grab the left subsection of hair and place it over the new middle section. As you proceed higher towards the crown, you will add other sections of hair from the right and the left of your head.

It’s up to you how high you want your top knot to be, so once you’ve reached the desired height secure the remaining hair with a bobby pin or an elastic. Depending on your length of hair, you can choose between an elegant top knot or a half bun ponytail. Women with longer hair can place a hair donut around the ponytail and then perfectly wrap the ends around it until it is fully covered. Those with shorter hair should use an elastic and make a messy half bun ponytail.

There are many more ways you can personalize this hairstyle according to your wishes. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to add as many hair accessories as you like.

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