Munster Predictions: Apple’s iPhone 5 Successor Released in June

Gene Munster, a famous analyst from Piper Jaffray Companies, made another prediction about the release of Apple’s 5 iPhone 5 successor. According to the analyst, the upcoming iOS smartphone from the Cupertino, California manufacturer is due to arrive on the market around June 2013, Value Walk reports.

Gene Munster has spent the last years studying the market evolution of the iPhone maker; his predictions are, therefore, the most reliable at present and the majority of the U.S. publications refer to his articles when estimating the arrival of a new Apple product. After recent analyses, Munster, who is currently working for Jaffray Companies, has predicted that the successor of iPhone 5 will be released in June this year.

Based on his most recent statement, Apple is due to release an upgraded version of iPhone 5 by the end of the year. Many rumors and discussions have been made in relation to Apple’s upcoming product and yet, nobody can tell what the company plans to do exactly. Apart from the physical and technical specifications of the new prototype, analysts race to determine whether the future smartphone will register significant price changes or not. Munster believes the next iPhone will trigger the less wealthy public segments. He is convinced that the Cupertino-based manufacturer will put forward a low-budget smartphone that will, thus, increase the company’s sales percentage.

iPhone 5S was supposed to be released at the end of the third quarter, but most analysts agree that the launching of Apple’s new phone will take place a lot earlier. The pressure caused by the introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 model is considered to be the main reason behind Apple’s earlier release.

In spite of the congruous reports announcing an earlier, more affordable iPhone, analysts from other companies have reasons to remain reserved about Munster’s predictions. Apple has been rumored before to launch a low-end model, but none of these reports have turned out true.

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