MSN Messenger to fully retire in October

Microsoft’s messenger will fully retire at the end of October. Microsoft decided to retire its messenger service after no less than 15 years of usage. 

The famous company announced that MSN Messenger will be fully retired by Microsoft, which plans on focusing its attention from now on Skype only. The date when MSN Messenger will be put to rest is October 31. So, until then people who still use this messenger service will be able to make the transition to Skype or other similar apps. 

The plan to move users to Skype, while retiring MSN Messenger is not actually new. In fact, Microsoft revealed its intention to do so last year, but the famous company decided to keep the service running in China, due to its great popularity in this country. However, it seems that the time has come to discontinue the service for good. 

Microsoft announced about two years ago its decision to replace MSN Messenger with Skype. When this announcement was made by the famous company, everyone expected to see the move. However, Microsoft decided to keep the service alive in China, making it as functional as ever. 

MSN Messenger was first launched by Microsoft back in 1999. Over the years, the service has suffered numerous changes and has battled many competitors. In 2005, Microsoft decided to change the name of its service into Windows Live Messenger. However, the service managed to remain on the market for 15 years. It is yet to see if users of MSN Messenger will like the move to Skype or not. 

Now, users who are trying to download MSN Messenger will be greeted with a message telling them that the service will no longer be available. After informing people that the service is shutting off, the message advises users to download Skype instead. 

To make it even simpler for people to access Skype and actually to determine them into replacing MSN with this other service, Microsoft has announced that anyone who is currently using MSN Messenger will have his accounts automatically moved to Skype. Microsoft has already started to alert users in China that the service will shut down.

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