Mozilla Makes Deal with Yahoo

Looks like important changes happen in the development of Mozilla. After 10 years of Google being Firefox’s default engine in the US, the browser company has decided to cut out the partnership. Mozilla Firefox its changing the default search engine from Google to Yahoo in the United States.

Yahoo Chief Executive, Marissa Mayer has declared that “I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve entered into a five-year partnership with Mozilla to make Yahoo the default search experience on Firefox across mobile and desktop.” “This is the most significant partnership for Yahoo in five years,” the CEO added in a blog post. 

This change will come for browser users in the US in December and after this, Yahoo will bring that modern, clan and immersive search experience that they have declared. This means that Yahoo will support the Do Not Track technology for Firefox users, in other words they will respect users’ preferences not to be tracked for advertising purpose. 

Mozilla Firefox is considered a major source of the search traffic for Google, with millions of users who perform to 100 billion searches a year. Some of these searches produce search ads, which Mozilla has been funded primarily from a portion of that revenue that the search engine shares. However, Google has Chrome, so this means that they don’t have to share search-ad revenue with anybody but itself. 

CEO at Mozilla, Chris Beard made a statement on this subject. “In evaluating our search partnerships, our primary consideration was to ensure our strategy aligned with our values of choice and independence, and positions us to innovate and advance our mission in ways that best serve our users and the Web,” the statement said. “In the end, each of the partnership options available to us had strong, improved economic terms reflecting the significant value that Firefox brings to the ecosystem. But one strategy stood out from the rest.”

Mozilla wanted to step back from a global search contract and to opt for someone who can offer more regional flexibility. The Yahoo deal was also motivated by Firefox’s desire to improve the search experience for its users. This improvement includes work on how Mozilla’s “awesomebar” works and how it retrieves data from what’s available online and from people’s own content.

Since the terms of the deal will be announced, Mozilla’s users will be able to change their default search engine.

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