Mozilla Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary With Firefox 20

Mozilla announced on Wednesday the release of its latest web browser, Firefox 20 for its 15-year anniversary. The web browser is compatible with various all software programs, Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, according to the Associated Press.

Firefox 20 is the latest web browser released by Mozilla featuring numerous improvements that offer better services to Internet users. The Private mode of the new version has been upgraded so users can open a private browsing window without closing their current browsing session. The Android version of the browser has been similarly modified to enable users to open a new tab without being constrained to close the existing ones. In addition, Firefox 20 gives users the possibility to check different email accounts at the same time.

The Firefox toolbar accompanying the web browser comes with a new option, the download manager. This feature enables people to monitor, view and locate the files that are being downloaded without interrupting their web browsing session. Those who have had the opportunity to test the Safari web browser will quickly learn how to deal with the new Firefox download manager.

The Android version of Firefox is somewhat different than the other web browsers because it has several additional features. This version was elaborated to provide support to less powerful devices running on ARMv6 processors. Thanks to this feature, the browser extended its support to more than 50 million devices, including Samsung Galaxy Next, HTC Aria, HTC Legend, Samsung Dart, Samsung Galaxy Pop and the Samsung Galaxy Q, which will be able to use the Firefox 20 browser.

Developers will find Mozilla’s new version better than other web browsers on the market due to the facilities they get. According to the Internet company, the 20th generation of web browser may be used by developers to write codes that access the user’s camera and/or microphone. The most used developer tools are available in a separate window for easier access.

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