Movie rental application on Facebook : partnership with Warner Bros

    If somehow you thought Facebook has no more news for his users you were wrong. The movie studio Warner Bros had a great idea. Taking advantage of the social network growing popularity, the American movie producer launched an application that allow users to rent or watch movies on Facebook. At the moment the application is still in test period, but shortly it will be fully available.

How does it works?

Well it’s actually simple: you search for a movie fan page on Facebook, you go there and you click “rent” or “watch” icon. For 30 credits or $3 you can rent the movie for a 48 hours period. This application it’s only available for the people from U.S.
    The movie is going to be streamed through a Facebook application and the user will be able to watch it full screen and also paused or stopped.

Also in the 48 hours, you can replay the movie as many times as you like. The first movie to be available in the test program is The Dark Knight, but other releases promised in months ahead. The official Dark Knight fan page has reached a number of 4 million likes on Tuesday afternoon. Warner Bros didn’t make any comments about the movie costs. President of Warner Bros.

Digital Distribution said in a statement: “Making our films available through Facebook is a natural extension of our digital distribution efforts.” According to him this is a simple, convenient way to access and enjoy our films through the world’s largest social network.

Until now, studios used Facebook for promoting and advertising movies but the idea of streaming them on the site it’s  exclusive. “The Dark Knight” represents a test not only for that business but also for the social network’s potential as a media platform. On Facebook, Warner is seeking to take advantage of the site’s social tools, so that when one person watches a movie on the site, it will automatically be posted to all of his or her friends.

As Facebook takes its first attempt in connecting users with movies and television shows, it could soon become a serious competitor for other online video providers such as Apple, YouTube or Netflix.
    Analyst Ingrid Chung expressed her opinion in a research note: “Facebook represents a new potential entrant that few in the investment community were concerned with prior to this announcement.”

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