Motorola Can No Longer Sale Mobile Phones in Germany

Motorola has been banned from selling mobile phones in Germany. Unfortunately for the famous company, they will no longer be able to sell their devices in this country.

The reason why Motorola was banned from selling these products is actually linked to the fact that they infringe a patent owned by LPKF Laser and Electronics AG. The official announcement was made by Motorola on Wednesday. 

The news was definitely not that well received by Motorola, as the German market actually is one of the most important for the phone marker and its products. Consequently, this court decision is a big hit for the popular phone marker. Statistics have revealed that Android phones actually are extremely popular in Germany and naturally this means better profits for manufacturers who sale such devices. Motorola is one of them.

Currently, Google is in the process of selling its Motorola business to Lenovo. However, most likely this deal will take some time to be completed. So, Motorola is going through some important changes. 

Naturally, Motorola was not happy at all with this decision, so it will most likely be appealed by the famous tech company. This means that LPKF has won just a preliminary dispute in the legal issue linked to infringement of the patent of Laser District Structuring. At this point, Motorola Deutschland was asked to recall all the phones that infringe the patent. 

The process is nowadays used to produce complex antennas for cells phones and tablet PCs. Currently, LPKF is taking action against cell phone manufacturers who bring LDS components into use, outside China. This happens, as the patent was declared invalid in 2013, for the People’s Republic of China. 

Well, what will happen in this case and if Motorola will appeal this decision of the court or not is something yet to be discovered. What remains certain for now is that the next big move, highly expected at Motorola is completing the deal with Lenovo.

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