Moto X Coming to India Soon

Motorola just announced that they will officially introduce the Moto x smartphone in India. The official announcement was made by the company on a Twitter post. 

Such as many other smartphone makers, Motorola is now focusing its attention on the Indian market. The company claimed that they will have their new smartphone in this country in just a few weeks. 

At the Mobile World Congress that is an on-going event in Barcelona, Motorola also announced that they plan on releasing a new smartphone generation in the near future. The company claimed that they will most likely make this release in late summer. 

Of course, Motorola plans an update to its Moto X, a phone the company released in August, last year. The device comes with a 4.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, but it also features 1280X720 pixel resolution. 

The current generation Moto X comes with Corning Gorilla Glass technology, as well. It features a camera capable of recording full HD videos, but it also features high quality images with face detection, panorama and HDR. 

The Motorola Moto X is available in two options, so the phone can come in dual SIM, as well. However, until now there is no confirmation on if the phone will be introduced in dual-SIM in India, or not. 

Motorola claimed that great smartphones should be available to everyone, so they seem to not be planning a high-end device that would come in a more luxury version. Moreover, Motorola went on to explain that they are not planning on releasing a lower-price product for China, either. 

However, it is yet to see what will happen, as Motorola has been purchased by Lenovo, which already showed its interest in these markets, claiming that China and many other countries represent great opportunities for development in the future. 

It is yet to see how Motorola will surprise its clients with its summer release. As more and more new and highly advanced devices are launched on the market, it is expected for Motorola to make an interesting release, as well. However, it might be a challenge for the company to deliver enhanced technology and keep a price that Motorola describes as affordable.

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