Motion picture “Dolphin Tale” ascends to first place in box office

With a total of $14.2 million ticket sale estimate over only three days, the family production “Dolphin Tale” ascends to first place in box office, overturning the lead “The Lion King 3D” previously held.

The film tells the story of an injured dolphin who gets to swim again at the aid of a prosthetic tail.

Currently, “The Lion King” is placed third in the box office, leaving the movie “Moneyball” on second. This drama film is baseball themed and stars Brad Pitt as a general manager of a misfortunate small budget team. Its ratings go up to $12.5 million.

The public taste for “lighter” movies at the cost of the more seriously themed ones, reveal a shift towards the more family oriented, feel good and “even inspirational films”, states Paul Dergarabedian, head of Box Office. Usually, the last months of the year are dominated by heavier themed films.

“Dolphin Tale” got a strong PR support, once the good reviews from renowned critics and moviegoers hit the public ear. The film got an A+ rating on one of CinemaScore audience polls, conducted this September, as only a handful of others did.

During one month since its new release, “The Lion King” scored ticket sales of $79.9 million in The United States and $19 million in abroad markets. The overall $98.7 million sales amount show how a 17 year old story can be still powerful enough to appeal to movies enthusiasts.

The other releases of this fall are placed on 4th and downwards.

“50/50” comedy didn’t manage to live up to its producers expectations and although it holds the 4th place in the box office it still only amounts to a moderate $8.9 million in sales. The movie revolves around the story of two friends, played by Joseph Gordon-Leavitt and Seth Rogen, of which the first is diagnosed with cancer. Even though a more seriously themed story, “50/50” got only an A- rating on CinemaScore.

Although the cancer theme is not an easy one to work with in a comedy, the producers are optimistic that the public will see beyond it and focus on the way the situation is handled with humor as the relationship between the two friends unfolds.

On fifth place comes the drama “Courageous” which tells the story of four police officers brought together by a common tragedy. Even though it only registered a $8.8 million income, the movie far out ran its production funds, $2 million, and got an A+ rating on CinemaScore.

With a cast of three ringing names, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig, “Dream House” managed only a 6th place on box office, with earnings of just $8.3 million. The horror movie got poor reviews from critics and a B on CinemaScore.

On eighth place is yet another comedy. Designed for a more female oriented public, “What’s Your Number” gained $5.6 million in ticket sales. The movie starts Anna Faris on a pursuit to rediscover past relationships as she revisits former boyfriends in an attempt to review how appealing they currently seem to her.




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