Monster Releases the SuperStar BackFloat Speaker

Monster has managed to come with something new on the market with its latest portable speaker. Even if the market is filled with such kind of devices, it looks like Monster has released something interesting that will gain all the attention. The new SuperStar BackFloat is a portable Bluetooth speaker that has waterproof abilities, like any other speaker on the market. 

But that’s not all, the interesting part is about to come, because this portable Bluetooth speaker, besides its waterproof capabilities, has the ability to float on its back with the speaker situated up in the air. Yes, Monster has released a speaker that can float in a pool or any kind of water, and it is a perfect device for pool parties.

The new SuperStar BackFloat comes packed with an acoustically transparent mesh case that protects the speaker, no matter the environment. However, this case is easy to remove and users can also clean it. This speaker is available for the price of 150 dollars, which is probably a little high for a speaker that doesn’t deliver a powerful sound. However, customers will probably find this speaker also at a lower price, depending from where they decide to make the purchase. 

Monster SuperStar BackFloat comes with two speaker drivers and a passive bass radiator situated on the front. Moreover, the speaker’s casing is available in different kind of colors, including neon-blue and neon-green. To be mentioned that SuperStar BackFloat has waterproof ability thanks to the removable silicone skin the surrounds the bottom of the speaker. However, users should be careful, because this speaker will probably not resist if they keep it submerged for more than a couple of minutes. 

Users will find on the right side of the unit a pull-down window that covers a 3.5-inch auxiliary port for connecting other devices, but also a Micro-USB port for recharging it. The company claims that the battery will last more than seven hours on a full charge. To be added that this speaker sounds pretty good at midlevel volumes, but it is more distorted when the volume is louder.

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