Monster DNA Pro 2.0 Over-Ear

Monster has released its new headphones, which are considered their next flagship model. These new set of headphones are called DNA Pro 2.0. They are different from their showy linemates, due to their decent and simple design. DNA Pro 2.0 comes in two different colors: white and “black tuxedo” and costs 300 dollars. 

Probably the new design of Monster Pro 2.0 will be a shock to fans, because the company’s headphones are recognizable due to their extravagant design. The recent style is so tightly and simple that everyone will ask “who makes these headphones?” without looking at the logo. The company decided to step out of the box with this design. The headphones are made of a faux-carbon weave with a glossy reflective paneling and the earcups have the shape of a teardrop. As any other Monster model, the build of the DNA Pro 2.0 is tuned for mobility and performance, so every listener will find two 3.5mm “MusicShare” headphone ports situated underneath each earcup and can be used at the same time for simultaneous listening. 

For safety travel, DNA Pro 2.0 comes with soft bag, which includes two wires: a separate ControlTalk cable with a built-in microphone and remote control for Apple devices and one straight wire with a coiled section at the top for additional length. However, even if it comes only with a remote control for Apple device, users can also control some Android music players. Talking about their performance, Monster DNA Pro 2.0 certainly won’t disappoint listeners. The sound quality is very good and those that are bass supports will be trilled. The headphones are well-balanced even when they are paired with a smartphone. Compared with previous models, DNA Pro 2.0 is more acoustically pleasing, blending a sweeter tone.

Monster DNA Pro 2.0 are not build just for music, watching movies can also be a nice experience. DNA Pro 2.0 make a great Netflix companion, however listeners should not forget to take breaks and give their years a chance to rest.

At the price of 300 dollars, the Monster DNA Pro 2.0 Over-Ear headphones are an incredible competitor on the headphones market.  

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