Monica Lewinski scandal back in the spotlight

The Inquisitr reports that the old Monica Lewinski scandal is back in the spotlight due to a new documentary which will air on PBS next week. The two-part (four-hour) documentary is set to appear on February 20 in Britain and the United States. The production contains various interviews with some of the staffers who felt betrayed by the scandal and shows how Clinton struggled with the decision to go public with the affair.

According to the documentary, Clinton was always admired by women. As a matter of fact, his sexual appeal was frequently mentioned during his run for Governor in Arkansas. Things became even worse when Clinton was elected President as many more women would have liked to court him.

Paul Fray, Clinton’s former campaign manager released an interview explaining people how difficult it was to keep women away from the former President. There were days when 25 women would come to see Clinton and Fray had to tell them he was not in his office.

His past affairs were just as troublesome because the President was involved in many relationships. Betsey Wright, his trusted political aide, tried to convince Clinton not to run for the presidency as he would suffer because of his past affairs. Wright asked Clinton various questions about his past relationships in order to make sure that none of the ladies would speak.

Clinton did not listen to Wright’s advice and announced his bid for the presidency, instead. He won the elections in 1992 and he was one of the most beloved American Presidents until 1998 when the sexual scandal broke.

Dick Morris, one of Clinton’s advisers suggested the President to tell the truth when asked whether Monica Lewinski’s accusations were true. Morris took a poll and found out that the electors were willing to forgive the adultery, but not the fact that he lied. Despite this, Clinton did not listen and tried to cover the affair for as long as he could. As a result, he was severely criticized even by his supporters.

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