Mom Arrested For Her 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Tanning Session

With the reality show “Toddlers and Tiaras” drawing attention to what some parents put their kids through, the mass media and public audience has become a lot more scrutinous. A New Jersey mom was arrested for her 5-year-old daughter’s tanning session that caused her injuries.

Although tanning has become a very common cosmetic procedure in the United States, parents should understand that taking a five year old to a tanning salon is not normal. However, Patricia Krentcil, a mother from Nutley, New Jersey, has a different take. For her, going to a tanning salon with her 5-year-old daughter is “like taking your daughter to go food shopping”.

However, as stated by the laws of New Jersey, taking a child under 14 in a tanning salon is illegal. Even those of age over 14, need a signed parental consent until they turn 18. Patricia Krentcil is set to appear in court this Wednesday under second degree child endangerment charges, but she hopes the judge will understand it was just a misunderstanding.

At the moment, the 44-year-old mother was released after the $25,000 bail was paid. Unfortunately, authorities don’t know for sure exactly how the five-year-old girl got her injuries, but based on the fact so far they appeared to be caused by exposure to the tanning booth lights.

WCBS writes that the school nurse asked the girl how she got burned. The answer she gave was “I go tanning with mommy”. According to the parents, the injuries on the girl were caused by exposure to sun on a warm day.

“It was 85 degrees outside, she got sunburned. That’s it. That’s all that happened” said Rich Krentcil the father. He told NBC 4 New York that the whole arrest might have been based on a mishap. Apparently one of the girl’s teachers might have heard her talking with her classmates about her going “tanning with Mommy” and associated the sunburn to the tanning session.

Patricia Krentcil has a similar story. She said that there are “tons of moms that bring their children in”, but they don’t enter the tanning booth. “I tan, she doesn’t tan. I’m in the booth, she’s in the room. That’s all there is to it”.

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