Molly Glynn Dies at 46

Chicago Fire actress Molly Glynn has passed away. The star died at the age of only 46. The tragic event occurred on Friday afternoon. Reports reveal that the actress was riding a bike with her husband, when she was struck by a falling tree.

Reports also include that the tragic incident occurred in the Erickson Woods, in Chicago. Unfortunately, doctors could do nothing for the star. So, Molly Glynn was alive when being transported to the emergency room. However, she died the following day at Evanston Hospital. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the death occurred because of the severe injuries. 

“I couldn’t save her. I couldn’t save her. She’s gone,” the star’s husband shared on his Facebook page following the incidents. This is without a doubt a tragedy for the family of the talented actress. “Love hard, people. Love hard,” Joe Foust, Molly’s husband, also shared in a message. 

The star’s husband claimed that the couple was about 25 miles into the ride, when the wind picked up. Foust claimed that it was very quick. His wife was riding behind him, the man said, adding that he heard a loud crack, then he saw a tree limb come crashing down in his rear-view mirror on his bike. Foust also said that his wife was wearing a helmet at the time when the accident occurred. 

The paramedics needed no less than 20 minutes to find Molly, due to the bad weather and their location. The couple had two sons. 

Molly Glynn is well known for her role in various episodes of Chicago Fire. She played the role of a doctor in the popular television series. The actress also starred in No Sleep ‘till Madison and Boss. Molly had proved to be a talented actress, so her performances will be remembered by fans from all over the world. 

This is just the latest tragic news which hit the entertainment industry. Shocking death news came in the past few days. Young singer Simone Battle passed away on Friday, as well. The 25 years old singer was found dead in her home, in Los Angeles. It has been claimed that the star committed suicide, although the reason which has led to this tragedy has not been revealed.

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