Modest Ratings for the debut of Lindsay

While Lindsay Lohan’s new reality show was expected to be a success, it seems that Lindsay only got modest ratings. 

However, the ratings were an improvement in comparison with other shows that run on OWN TV. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lindsay drew about 892,000 viewers, which is not an impressive number.

Still, the new show drew more viewers than the other programs that the television previously aired on this time segment. 

Overall, it wasn’t very good for OWN TV, but it wasn’t bad, either. Reports reveal that the new show might have been able to draw a younger audience to OWN TV, something that Oprah and her team surely wanted. The show was quite popular among women aged between 18 and 34.  

The premiere of the show did good compared with similar formats, including Iyanla: Fix My Life and Life with La Toya. Still, this was only the first episode of the reality show, so it is yet to see if Lindsay will be able to draw more interest to the show that she claimed to be able to help her career. 

Meanwhile, Lindsay seems to be quite happy, as the actress was spotted partying throughout the entire weekend. Lindsay partied for no less than 2 days at the Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont. So, maybe Lindsay is not that committed to her battle to give up drinking. The actress was actually out enjoying a crazy party, while her fans watched her new reality show. 

The first episode of Lindsay aired on Sunday. During this episode Lindsay claimed that she is very determined to overcome her issues with alcohol abuse, saying that what she wants is to find inner peace and completely change her lifestyle. 

Well, apparently the star is not that committed to her recovery, as she did nothing else than partying during the weekend. The 48 hour party Lindsay enjoyed came as fans could see the actress telling Oprah that she is done with partying and she is looking for a fresh start. She claimed that the only reason why she skipped AA meetings is because her apartment is always surrounded by paparazzi. Perhaps it is more than that. 

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