Mobile Developers Still Like iOS More Than Android

After the great news that Android is starting to rise and compete with the gadget market giant Apple, new info shakes the app market. Today, Android received a massive blow after a survey showed mobile developers still like iOS more than Android.

A recent survey ran by mobile platform company Appcelerator and research firm IDC, shows that even though Android is rising, they still have a lot of work to do until they find the pot-o-gold in the gadget industry. For the moment being developers still prefer iOS over Android.

It’s a hard hit to take. Just yesterday everybody was raving about Google Nexus 7 being the first successful Android tablet. According to the survey, the greatest issues keeping developers away are related to the stability and security of the Android devices and services.

Scott Ellison, VP of Mobile & Consumer Connected Platforms at IDC, says that “Enterprise mobile app developers are quickly souring on Android”. He also added that this happens because there is “too much fragmentation, too much malware and a sense that Apple is better suited to the enterprise.”

But with all the fighting going on around these two tech giants, it seems that Microsoft is one of the great winners. How did this happen? Keeping it steady with the developing and launching of Windows 8, the consumers are starting to turn their heads toward Bill Gates’s baby. Of course, there’s a long way to the top and they are just reaching currently for the second place on the market, taking them down one by one.

Ellison says that with only a few changes, Microsoft is almost for sure to take the second place on the tech market. He mentioned three important changes that will assure their place in the charts. One is to “make it easy to port PC-based Windows software to Windows tablets and smartphones” and two to “sell enough Windows phones and tablets to make an impact in the BYOD (bring your own device) enterprise space”. Third is “be much more direct in contrasting the risks/benefits between Android and Windows in the enterprise.”

So brace yourselves for the rise of Microsoft OS along with iOS in another massive fight, because, apparently Android is losing precious ground on the mobile developers market.

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