Mitt Romney focuses on winning the Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney was focused in the past few days on winning the Super Tuesday race against his opponent Rick Santorum. Based on a recent report, Romney has managed to get ahead of Santorum as he left a good impression on Ohio residents even though the majority of them are conservatives.

The big prize that all contestants hope to get from the Republican U.S. presidential nomination on Tuesday is Ohio because the state plays a significant role in deciding which Republican nominee will challenge Barrack Obama on November 6. There are other states, however, that will take part in the Tuesday marathon, that is, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Idaho, Alaska and North Dakota.

A victory in Ohio is all that Romney needs in order to win the nomination. So far, he has managed to defeat his opponents in most caucuses, but the conservative alternatives have, nevertheless, drawn the voters’ attention.

Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney’s senior aide explained the press why the Super Tuesday race is so important among contestants. He compared Tuesday with the famous sport events called decathlon to illustrate the significance that this day has for the Republican candidates.

The fact that he runs a business that is worth millions of dollars was the main accusation that Romney had to avoid during caucuses. Santorum’s job was not easier, either, because voters often reproached him for running a Senate career that turned him into a “Washington insider”. He was also criticized for not being able to appeal to Republican moderates.

Reuters reporters have talked with various Ohio residents to see whether they accept Santorum’s conservative programme or not. Katherine Frenz, 36, of Hilliard, Ohio declared that she prefers Santorum because his conservative values reflect her own beliefs. She further added that she was not impressed by Romney’s speech because he appeared insincere to her.

Romney, on the other hand has great chances of winning the caucuses in Virginia, Vermont and his home state, Massachusetts. Tennessee represents another important state for the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania because he will be competing against Santorum in that state.

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