Misty Upham did not Commit Suicide

The family of famous actress Misty Upham claims that the star did not commit suicide. Actually, her family believes that the actress slipped and fell, after hiding from the police. 

Well, it seems that Misty’s father is absolutely sure that his daughter did not commit suicide. Actually, he claimed that probably she ran to hide there, and it was just an accident. 

“We believe she ran into the wooded area behind her apartment to hide from the police. The area in question has a hidden drop off and evidence suggests that she slipped and fell off of the steep embankment when she tried to get out of a view from the road. She simply did not see the drop-off,” Charles Upham claimed in a statement posted on Facebook. 

Misty Upham was found dead after 12 days in which she went missing. The star disappeared on October 6th. When he announced the disappearance of his daughter, Charles Upham claimed that she was no longer taking her medication. The star struggled with bipolar disorder and anxiety, it has been revealed.

The star’s family claimed that the cops did nothing to help find the actress. Moreover, Misty’s father claimed that the actress was afraid of the cops. “In an incident prior to her disappearance, the Auburn PD came to pick up Misty on an involuntary transport to the ER. She was cuffed and placed in a police car,” Charles claimed in the same statement. He added that Misty was taunt and teased in the police car. 

The medical examiner’s office released a statement on the death of the star. After conducting an investigation, they claimed that Misty actually died on October 5th, the exact day of her disappearance. However, the cause of death was not revealed at this point. 

The star’s body was found in a ravine near the White River, Seattle. A group of family and friends searching the area discovered the body on Thursday afternoon. The body was identified by Charles Upham. Charles claimed that he did not believe his daughter was suicidal. 

Misty Upham remains well known for her roles in August: Osage County and Django Unchained.

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