Miss Honduras Found Dead

Only a few days before taking the flight to London, Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister Sofia went missing. Unfortunately, now police reports revealed that that they found the bodies of the star and her sister, buried near the spa where they disappeared.

The tragic news was revealed about six days after the two girls went missing. Police reports revealed that they are still waiting for the confirmation that the two bodies belong to Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister Sofia. 

It has been revealed that the police is now investigating what might have happened to the 19 year old Miss World contestant and they have already started questioning people. On Monday, the cops took into custody Sofia’s boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz, but also another man, Aris Maldonado. The two women were last seen getting into a car, without license plate, as they were leaving a friend’s birthday party. Their mother claimed that she tried to call their cellphones all night, without any response. Witnesses said that they saw the two girls leaving the party with three men. 

“Both are being questioned as part of the investigation into the disappearance of [Maria Jose Alvarado] and her sister. We hope to establish what role they may have played,” a statement from the police said at the time of the arrest. Now, the police claimed that Sofia’s boyfriend confessed and led the authorities to the bodies. The two bodies were found buried in a river bank in a mountainous area of Santa Barbara. 

According to the cops, the two man chose precisely this area, as they believed that near the river, the bodies would decompose quickly. Both women were shot to death. It has been claimed that they died at the night of their disappearance. It is believed that the boyfriend shot Sofia because she was dancing with another man. After that, he shot her sister.

Maria Jose Alvarado became Miss Honduras in April. She was supposed to be at the Miss World pageant on December 14. A representative of the pageant claimed that Honduras would not compete in the contest this year, having under consideration this awful tragedy.

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