“Mirror, Mirror” trailer finally out

The beginning of November is delightfully populated by trailers debuts. Starting with “Snow White and the Huntsman”, continuing with “The Hunger Games” depicting the first book of the trilogy with the same name and culminating with yet another approach to the classical fairytale of Snow White in “Mirror, Mirror”.

At first glance, the two movies dedicated to re-telling the Grimm Brothers fairytale go in two different directions. Having action as common ground, Huntsman reveals a more of a drama approach, where Mirror chooses comedy.

The first spin from the original tale that “Mirror, Mirror” presents lies with the Evil Queen. Played by a radiant and vivid Julia Roberts, the Evil Queen is broke and, as such, much more interested in landing a young, powerful and wealthy suitor than being the fairest of them all. Looking stunning, Julia Roberts makes for a sassy villain who servers biting remarks one after the other. Show White’s hair isn’t black, its mere raven. Her skin is white of course but not as a sign of infinite beauty but just as a result of her being only 18 and staying away from the sun.

The producers haven’t spared one penny, setting for filming the most epic and fantastic fairy tale land ever created. Starting with the costumes and designs and ending with the sets and effects. Mirror, Mirror is aiming for taking its public to a fairy land like none ever before, populated by a perfectly royal Prince Charming, a sweet and feminine Snow White and a magnificent Evil Queen.

The movie is directed by Tarsem Singh, who is known to the film enthusiasts for his “The Cell”, “The Fall” and more recently his box-office hit “Immortals”. He is known for aiming for big, bright and bold movies, such as “Mirror, Mirror” are expected to be shaped from the same pattern. He admitted to have chosen Lily Collins to play Snow White for her lovely eyebrows.

After the old head to head movie duels like Volcano vs. Dante’s Peak and Deep Impact vs. Armageddon, Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman are set to provide some nice competition in 2012 when they are scheduled to be released.

Take a look at the “Mirror Mirror” trailer below:

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