Mindy McCready to return missing son

After being reported missing together with her son, country singer Mindy McCready has to return the 5-year-old back to Lee Country by Thursday at 5 p.m., the Associated Press reports. Mindy has lost the custody of her son as a result of her constant problems with drugs and alcohol.

On Wednesday, country singer Mindy McCready and her 5-year-old son were reported missing. On Tuesday evening, McCready took little Zander form his father’s home and did not return with him. The state Department of Children and Families confirmed that there is a report filed at the Cape Coral police department.
Zander is officially in the custody of McCready’s mother. Following a series of problems with drugs and alcohol, the singer reached a point where she got violent with her mother. When the police was called, she resisted arrest. After the event, which occurred in 2007, she lost custody of her then one-year-old son.

When reading the news about the missing person report, Mindy wrote on her Facebook page that she was never gone missing. In fact, she was in Florida. “I have been fighting the Florida court system to protect my son, and bring him home,” she said, and her brother, Josh McCready, confirmed to the Associated Press that Mindy and Zander are fine. “There is nothing to worry about”, he added.

Meanwhile, Mindy must comply and return zander to his home by Thursday t 5 p.m.

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