Miley Cyrus Wants to Have Fun, Parents Want her Tour Cancelled

As Miley Cyrus keeps on shocking, there is no wonder that people want her tour to be cancelled. The star now says that all she wants is to have fun, even though apparently parents are willing to do anything to see her tour cancelled. 

Provocative dance style, outrageous TV appearances, the twerking and the revealing outfits have helped Miley Cyrus get a lot of attention, the former Hannah Montana star becoming quite a famous public figure. 

Miley Cyrus always wanted to distance herself from the Hannah Montana character she interpreted for years and it seems that she achieved this purpose with the image she created for herself. Miley said that she loves her music and she adores going on tours, while all that she wants is to have fun. 

Well, her latest Bangerz tour might have not receive the reviews that Miley hoped for. In fact, it is claimed that Miley really managed to shock, even the patrons of the tour. Actually, the people who went at Miley’s first concert were kind of shocked, too. 

After the first concert that Miley had everyone said that she has just gone too far this time. And we can surely say that her performance has been more than crazy. One of the most controversial moments in her performance have been a scene of imaginary oral sex with former president Bill Clinton. 

Naturally, Miley’s outfits managed to shock, but the star was also seen riding atop of a gigantic hotdog. Unfortunately, that is not all. The former Disney princess also appeared to chew a fan’s underwear during her concert. 

There is no wonder that after the performance that Miley had, numerous parents have requested the tour organizers to cancel the show. Moreover, the concert has no age limits when it comes to attendance at the show. 

Well, while many complaints came from parents, US arenas have even threatened to pull out the show. Many people who purchased tickets for Miley’s shows are also asking for a refund. So, Miley, organizers and all her staff had an emergency meeting, but it is yet unclear what will happen. 

Naturally, while some totally disapprove with Miley, the star still has many fans who love her and all her performances. Of course, fans who want to see Miley in concert hope that it will not be cancelled. However, angry parents seem to be determined to do all they can to get the entire tour cancelled. 

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