Miley Cyrus to Move in with Liam Hemsworth?

Apparently, things are evolving quite fast between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. The two are said to have reconciled, although the rumors have not been confirmed. Well, this has not stopped other rumors from emerging, saying that Liam and Miley were actually taking their engagement from where they left it, thinking about marriage.

Now, new rumors actually say that Liam and the young singer are moving in together. The new rumors emerged after Miley was spotted unloading her things from a moving truck at Liam’s Malibu home. This could mean that the two have already started living together. 

The rumors were first reported by TMZ, which claimed that Miley was unloading a series of big boxes at Liam’s home. TMZ reported that this actually was the last phase of the moving process. So, the celebrity site claimed that Miley had gradually been moving in with Liam, while transporting her stuff to his house. The transport spotted over the weekend is said to be the “finale of her week-long moving process.” 

Miley and Liam have not commented on the reconciliation rumors, although numerous signs seem to support this hypothesis. For instance, Miley was recently spotted wearing a diamond ring that looked very similar to the ring that she received from Liam when they first got engaged years back. Of course, the reconciliation rumors first emerged when Miley and Liam were spotted spending time together at his home in Australia. 

Miley and Liam first started to date back in 2008. The two have been a couple for five years, but ended their romance in 2013. The fact that they separated was quite surprising, as the news was revealed soon after their engagement was announced. It had been claimed that Miley’s image change was to blame for the split, while now it has been said that Liam has learned to accept the singer for who she is and regardless of her image decisions. 

Following the split from Liam, Miley has been linked to Patrick Schwarzenegger, but the two separated after it has been claimed that Patrick cheated on the young singer. 

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