Miley Cyrus To Make Guest Appearance On “Two And A Half Men”

Reps have confirmed that Miley Cyrus will make a guest appearance in the new season of “Two And A Half Men”. The singer will be Jake’s girlfriend for several episodes, according to E! News.

The producers of “Two And A Half Men” are not very generous when it comes to providing information about their new seasons. Nevertheless, the media found out that Miley Cyrus is going to give acting a try by making a guest appearance on the show next season. She will feature in several episodes playing the part of Jake’s new fling.

Cyrus’ was chosen to interpret Missi, one of Walden’s family friends, who comes to visit him for a week. As soon as Jake, the young character of the series, sets eyes on Missi, he falls in love with her and the two get involved in a relationship. The character that Miley will interpret has a lot of sex appeal and sense of humor which is why Jake, that is, Angus T. Jones will feel attracted to her.

While Miley Cyrus is getting ready for her new role, Jones confessed that he had no idea his character was going to be involved in a relationship with Missi in the upcoming season of “Two And A Half Men”. He further added that he is usually the last to know about the modifications that are being made on the show. Even so, the actor thinks being on the same set with Miley is going to be “cool”. The two have worked before on the set of “Hanna Montana” and they had lots of fun together.

Producers didn’t reveal whether Miley will be sporting her new badass pixie on the series or whether she will be wearing a wig. Either way, she is very proud of her new look considering that she received compliments from many fellow celebrities, including former “Two And A Half Men” star, Charlie Sheen. The actor took to Twitter to notify the singer that her hair looks great and that she is a “bomb icon”.

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